Pub Dough Cake Recipe

Pub Dough Cake Recipe

Have you ever heard of the traditional Northeast puba cake? This is a gluten-free cake prepared with coconut milk and puba dough, also called water flour, which is obtained by fermenting cassava in water. The puba dough cake recipe has a childhood taste, as it used to be more common to prepare this cake than it is today. But we retrieved the recipe and shared it with you here! Check out all the details below and try preparing this delight, also known as carimã cake.

Ingredients for making puba dough cake:

 500 grams of puba dough

 460 milliliters of whole milk

 400 milliliters of coconut milk

 300 grams of sugar

 140 grams of butter

 4 eggs

 1 coffee spoon of salt

How to make puba dough cake:

Beat all ingredients in a blender or an electric mixer until you get a somewhat liquid and homogeneous dough.

See what is the puba ingredient, click on this link: what is puba.

Grease and flour a 24 cm cake tin and place the puba cake batter in it. Bake in a preheated oven at 220ºC for 40 minutes or until you pass the toothpick test.

After baking, allow your puba dough cake to cool and unmold. You can serve it that simple or cover it with jam, like I did, to make it more appetizing. Be sure to prepare this recipe and let us know in the comments what you think. Enjoy your food!

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